HQLAᵡ Sales Lead

An exciting opportunity exists for a Sales Lead to help grow the HQLAᵡ client footprint.

Luxembourg House of FinancialTechnology, where HQLAX is based.

About HQLAᵡ

HQLAᵡ is an innovative financial technology firm founded by financial market practitioners. Our vision is to accelerate the financial ecosystem’s transition towards frictionless ownership transfers of assets, and our core clients are financial institutions active in securities lending and collateral management.

Our immediate goal is to improve collateral mobility amongst market-leading triparty agents and custodians. Together with Deutsche Börse, we created a multi-layer operating model which enables our clients to exchange ownership of baskets of securities across disparate collateral pools at precise moments in time.

The atomic nature of our Delivery vs Delivery (DvD) ownership transfers provides our clients with capital cost savings by reducing credit risk, intra-day liquidity requirements, and operational risk.

More information on HQLAᵡ is available here: For press releases on HQLAᵡ’s launch and previous milestones, see


An exciting opportunity exists for a Sales Lead to help grow the HQLAᵡ client footprint.

The Sales Lead position is critical to the success of the HQLAᵡ platform. The successful candidate is likely to have a background and knowledge of securities lending and/or collateral management within global securities financing markets, worked in both banking and startup environments, be comfortable with ambiguity, have impeccable character, be a "player and a coach", be strictly non-political, and be passionate about building commercially successful solutions.

This role involves managing complex sales cycles and liaising with HQLAᵡ clients from initial introduction through the onboarding phase to client go-live and thereafter to ensure client satisfaction. The role also involves liaising with the Senior Management Team as well as the HQLAᵡ client onboarding team to help ensure that client onboarding and volume targets are met.

HQLAᵡ has offices in both Luxembourg and Zug. This opportunity exists in Luxembourg. Currently our clients are based mostly in Europe, however over time our client footprint will become more global. This role will require travel to meet our clients face to face (subject to pandemic travel restrictions).



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