HQLAᵡ Developer

An exciting opportunity exists for a developer to help lead the development and build of HQLAx’s new collateral exchange platform which will use R3’s Corda distributed ledger (‘blockchain’) technology to digitise baskets of assets and create a standardised token lending marketplace to help market participants redistribute liquidity more effectively and more cost efficiently.

HQLAx is a partnership of financial market veterans focused on providing corporate and bank treasurers with a cost effective, standardised, transparent and scalable market solution to transfer liquidity more efficiently.

  • A prototype version of the HQLAx securities lending platform was originally built in 2017 using Corda via a collaboration of 5 banks, R3, and HQLAx.
  • Subsequently, an early version of the platform was used to execute a live transaction between 2 banks at the start of 2018.
  • In April 2018, Deutsche Börse Group and HQLAx announced a partnership to build the HQLAx platform on the R3 Corda Blockchain Platform.
  • And more recently, Deutsche Börse Group announced that it expanded its partnership with HQLAx by acquiring a minority stake in HQLAx.

Press releases for the above milestones are available here: https://www.hqla-x.com/category/news

The developer position is critical to the success of the HQLAx platform. The successful candidate will have a successful track record of helping to build (design & code) complex software projects. They will be experienced in multiple languages and multiple development methodologies and will have a strong track record of building complex client facing applications and solutions. They are likely to have worked in both banking and startup environments, be comfortable with ambiguity, have impeccable character, be a “player and a coach”, be strictly non-political, and be passionate about building commercially successful solutions. They may already be active in one or more open source projects, have experience working in geographically distributed teams and have a sound understanding of security engineering principles. Capital Markets and/or Trading and/or blockchain technology experience are not mandatory, but a plus.

One of the key responsibilities of the developer will be to support and work alongside the CTO in helping to contribute to and build a successful development team to build and support the HQLAx platform.

HQLAhas offices in both Luxembourg and Zug. This opportunity exists in Zug. The developer will report directly to the CTO who in turn will report directly to the CEO of HQLAx.

Attractive and competitive benefits package included.


  • Hands on development of key components of the HQLAx collateral exchange platform.
  • Support the CTO on the full lifecycle development of the HQLAx collateral exchange platform from inception, architectural design, GUI design, build, functional testing, non-functional testing, implementation, and integration with existing banking systems of HQLAx‘s clients.
  • Help resolve high-priority/high-risk design questions and ensure the platform design is suitable to meet the security, disaster recovery, client confidentiality needs of HQLAx‘s clients.
  • Help hire, retain, motivate, drive accountability, mentor and grow developers in the HQLAx development team, and demonstrate commitment to excellence and integrity.
  • Help the CTO evaluate new technology and make recommendations on technological solutions for the benefit of HQLAx‘s strategic goals.
  • Assist the CTO with the evaluation of third-party service providers.
  • Partner with the Deutsche Börse Group technology team to enhance the overall technology architecture of the HQLAx
  • Partner with the R3 Corda development team to propose enhancements to the Corda Enterprise platform that will mutually benefit both the HQLAx platform and other Corda based solutions.
  • Assist the CTO with the establishment of a technical support model for the HQLAx
  • Work closely with other HQLAx personnel to ensure the HQLAx‘s collateral lending platform meets the functional requirements as defined by HQLAx in collaboration with its customers.
  • Help identify competitive advantages and technological trends for the benefit of HQLAx.
  • Build partnerships that aid in delivering against the objectives of the company.
  • Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, complex technological concepts and projects to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Make presentations to HQLAx co-founders, board of directors and chief executive officer.



  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, or related field.
  • Technical degree from a top university and significant hands-on experience in the fields of software development and platform management including experience with multiple software development methodologies.
  • Experience of shipping software products on an aggressive timeline.
  • Track record of significant contribution to a development team (Back-End, Front-End, UX design) that created a successful product of significant scale.
  • Thorough conversancy in multiple technologies, architectural, and functional design principles and a strong understanding of full-stack development, Java and or Kotlin, Oracle database technology, Java Message Service, and Public Key Infrastructure. Knowledge of Blockchain, Distributed ledger technology or distributed systems is a plus. Thrives in a dynamic, challenging environment; able to adapt easily to change.
  • A self-starter and somebody that is willing roll up sleeves to help HQLAx achieve its goals.
  • Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Technological Analysis, Research, Business, Computational Skills, Mentoring, Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills, Presentations, Industry Knowledge, IT Terminology, Computer Network Development and Maintenance, Client Management.


More information on HQLAx is available here: www.hqla-x.com

If you are interested in this role, please contact careers@hqla-x.com