Olly Benkert

Olly is an Investment Banking veteran having spent over two decades at Goldman Sachs.
Initially hired into a graduate program, Olly spent 5 years in the Corporate Treasury in London before transferring to Hong Kong to become the Regional Treasurer for non-Japan Asia from 1999 to 2000. He transferred back to London to manage the Global Funding business including Money Market trading and continued to run that business profitably and through the financial crisis. Olly assumed responsibility for the Global Repo Business and International Short Term Interest Rate trading in 2010 working closely with clients, regulators, governments and other authorities to help shape the new trading and balance sheet landscape. Olly sat on the Bank of England Money Market Liaison Group, ECB’s Money Market Contact Group, ICMA’s European Repo Council, LCH Product Advisory Group and Euroclear’s collateral user Group. Since leaving Goldman Sachs he has been spending time with some exciting Financial Technology start-ups. Olly received a BA Hons from Southampton University.