Our vision and core values
HQLAᵡ is an innovative financial technology firm founded by financial market practitioners. Our core clients are financial institutions active in securities lending and collateral management. Our shareholders include market-leading service providers in the global financial ecosystem.  

Our long-term vision statement is to accelerate the financial ecosystem’s transition towards frictionless ownership transfers of assets

We aim to achieve this vision by collaborating with our clients to design, develop and deliver innovative, technology-driven solutions for specific pain points in the financial markets. 

Our immediate value proposition and mission statement is to improve collateral mobility amongst market-leading tri-party agents and custodians. 

Our short-term company-wide objective is to drive daily, recurring transaction volumes on our platform.

Our core cultural values:
Focus on the client
Simplify all tasks
Build relationships
Collaborate and challenge
Act with integrity
Seek diverse perspectives
Make a difference every day
Strive for continuous self-improvement
Avoid finger-pointing
Think big, but also be humble
Maintain a positive mindset
Enjoy the journey