Collateral Mobility

Frictionless, precise and real-time​ transfer of ownership of securities.​

HQLAx is an innovative financial technology firm that leverages Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to bring game-changing efficiencies to the securities finance and repo industry.
Our core clients are banks and asset managers active in the global securities finance and repo markets, and our unique platform enables market participants to execute frictionless, precise and real-time transfer of ownership of securities.

Inefficient collateral management

costs Tier 1 participants
€50m - €100m p.a.

Cross-custody movements of inventory consume precious intraday liquidity and create settlement risks, at a significant cost to the market participant.


A fragmented custody network. 

Challenging interoperability and settlement issues.

Custody movements consume costly intraday liquidity and create settlement risks.


Imprecise settlement timings limit mobility and create risk. 

Settlement failures, mismatched transfers and unsynchronized deliveries.

Imprecision leads to the need to buffer positions creating significant opportunity costs.


Financial institutions manage a patchwork of custodian and counterparty relationships that currently makes collateral mobility costly and complex.

This fragmentation leads to inefficient allocations of collateral across the activity centres of a firm, excessive over collateralization in certain positions, as well as higher cost of collateral over suboptimal tenors.

Impact of Distributed Ledger Technology, GFMA 2023

The HQLAx  Solution:


HQLAx makes the transfer of ownership of securities seamless and easy across disparate collateral pools - by removing the cross-custody movement of ISIN’s. 


Using HQLAx, firms can specify the exact point in time the collateral should be exchanged.


By decoupling ownership transfer from movement of assets, exchange can take place simultaneously, in real-time and when required - without the need to actually move the security physically.

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Experienced HR & Finance Officer

August 10, 2023

HQLAᵡ Commercial Legal Counsel (Luxembourg or London)

July 27, 2023

HQLAᵡ Software Engineer (Luxembourg or Zug Switzerland)

July 18, 2023