HQLAᵡ Conference June 2022

June 17, 2022

Some high-level take-aways from our CEO and Co-founder, Guido Stroemer:

- As the DLT eco-system evolves, there will be multiple industrial strength, regulated cash ledgers.

- Interoperation of these ledgers with asset ledgers like HQLAᵡ is paramount for the development of a frictionless global Delivery vs Payment (DvP) marketplace.  

- The foundational building blocks for such interoperation are beginning to take shape, and HQLAᵡ are keen to collaborate with digital cash solution providers to enable our mutual clients to execute DvP transactions across ledgers.

- Increased market volatility, combined with rising short term interest rates is heightening the need for market participants (sell-side and buy-side) to get the right collateral to the right place at precisely the right time. This is where collateral management solutions such as HQLAᵡ come into play.

- Reuse functionality for Digital Collateral Records (DCRs) is paramount for market-wide adoption.

- HQLAᵡ and Eurex Clearing are working on a use-case by which mutual clients could post DCRs as Initial Margin.

Panel 1 Digital Cash Solutions

Moderator, Amar Amlani (Goldman Sachs)

Panelists, George Ornbo (Fnality), Michele Curtoni (SDX) and Todd McDonald (R3)

Panel 2 Margin Solutions

Moderator, Shaun Murray (Margin Reform)

Panelists, Alex Langley (Goldman Sachs), Jack Dixon (Acadia), John Southgate (Citi) and Philip Simons (Eurex)